Eyeglasses are what we sell. But we’re in the people business.

A great pair of glasses can be made from wood, acetate, buffalo horn, or titanium. Not to mention precision lenses and very talented people. From the optometrist who examines your eyes to the craftsman who created your frames, to the technician who grinds your lenses to the Eyewear Specialist who fits them on your face, every person who touches your Edward Beiner Eyewear is committed to improving your vision and refining your style. I would have not have it any other way.


By the time he was 14 years old, Edward Beiner had traveled around the world with his watchmaker father. He lived in five different countries and spoke just as many languages.

Maybe this global viewpoint explains why Edward couldn’t understand why every pair of eyeglasses in every store looked like they came from the same factory. This question inspired a lifelong quest that’s taken Edward around the world searching for the finest designs, the most exquisite materials, and the latest technologies. At the same time, Edward insists that his glasses are crafted with the same attention to detail as his collections of fine wristwatches and classic sports cars. After all, the glasses on your face are the first thing people see when they see you. Why wouldn’t you put your best face forward?

Anyone can put today’s eyeglasses on your face. Only Edward Beiner can show you what tomorrow looks like.

  • “By having our collection featured in his – Edward Beiner – stores, Barton Perreira is seen as one of the top collections in the world today!”

    Celeste Vos / Bill Barton

  • “Edward Beiner boutiques provide a high end & exceptional service environment for customers in key markets. They mirror our values of authenticity, innovation, exceptional quality, design and technical superiority.”

    Cedric Moreau / Mykita

  • "Edward Beiner has an aesthetic eye for luxury handcrafted Japanese eyewear. We are very honored to have our collection in his boutiques."

    President & CEO Noriyuki Yamamoto / EYEVAN Inc.