It Better Not Start Raining
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“It Better Not Start Raining”

Parked at the center of Edward Beiner’s many passions is his prized 1967 Austin Healey 3000 served up in classic British racing green. Without a doubt, the ‘67 Austin Healey is one of the world’s most revered classic sports cars.

The Austin Healey is to Edward Beiner what a Modigliani, a Cézanne, or a de Kooning is to an art collector.

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I’m a Kid In a Candy store

I am about to visit a small custom high-fidelity music studio in Miami with my dear friend Edward Beiner. Let’s make no mistake. This is not your big box audio store. Rather, it’s a somewhat obscure little outlet that caters to tried and true audiophiles. Known only to the few, but held in their highest possible esteem, it is here that these aficionados of sound find what they seek. Continue Reading I’m a Kid In a Candy store

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Edward Beiner is Brewin’ with Jonathan Wakefield

The line outside wraps around the block. Quite a mix of people. Mostly skews toward young professional men. But there are quite a few women, too.

The attire is casual but stylish. A lot of jean wear coupled with carefully accented accessories. All-telling details. A thin red lapel defines a young man’s shirt collar…a pair of brushed leather Gommino driving moccasins on another. Another sporting an ultra-cool classic Bulgari sports watch. You get the picture. Continue Reading Edward Beiner is Brewin’ with Jonathan Wakefield