In a world filled with an untold number of brands and endless fashion trends, Edward remains passionately committed to sourcing original, authentic eyewear. From the most fashion forward collection found on the streets of Milan and Tokyo to the most comfortable, understated eyewear suited for the office, Edward sources collections that enhance your life.


Before choosing a collection to showcase in our stores, Edward asks one simple question, “Is this collection Eyes Forward?” Quality can always be found in the details. Like a fine watchmaker or a Formula 1 engineer, Edward’s refined eye examines a frame’s fit, feel, function, and style. A well-made product fitted by an Edward Beiner Eyewear Specialist, guarantees your frames reflect the highest quality and the latest eyewear technology.

lens superiority

Today we spend more time on the go and staring at smart phones than any generation before us. This can result in eye deterioration from intense UV rays from the sun, distracting glare from refracting lights, and the harmful blue light emitted from our beloved electronic devices. Perhaps harmless in limited exposures, all of these factors can cause premature macular degeneration, eye fatigue, and faulty sleep patterns, hindering your everyday performance and the future of your eyesight. After all, eyewear today is as much about crisp, clear vision and healthy eyes as it is about style.

Edward Beiner has visited the world’s most advanced lens manufactures, securing proven products and technologies for your health and safety. Please ask one of our Eyewear Specialists to show you which lens best suits your life.


That’s titanium, aluminum, or surgical grade stainless steel to be exact. These three metals offer a cool, modern aesthetic and remain comfortable for all day wear.


Acetates are not plastics. And acetates are not all created equal. Like the key ingredients in your favorite spirit or craft beer, true artisanal acetate is properly kiln-aged to bring forth rich, lasting color. It is then machine cut and hand sculpted. Next it undergoes a long tumbling process that slowly polishes the acetate and reveals its true luster. Only this painstaking procedure creates quality acetate you can clearly you can clearly see, feel, and believe in.


Hinges are one of the most underrated and intricate eyewear components. This tiny element helps maintain a frame’s fit, comfort, and durability. There are many varieties of hinges, ranging from spring-loaded, screw-less, to 7-barrel hinges (pictured above). Edward considers a well-designed hinge to be the cornerstone of a quality frame.


A serious consideration with a silly name, nose pads contribute mightily to the fit and comfort of your frames. And good nose pads that have been properly adjusted by an Edward Beiner Eyewear Specialist guarantee your frame will fit and feel right and stand the test of time.