About Us


Originality, authenticity and exceptional quality...these are the attributes we live by. To achieve this, we challenge ourselves each day to resist the usual and to defy those who accept the status quo.

We believe eyewear today is as much about technology as it is about beauty, and our goal is to ensure you have the best of both in your frames and lenses.  At Edward Beiner we carry a complete line of brands, precision performance frames and lenses, as well as curated selections to match your every lifestyle.  Our wide selection of lenses comes in a variety of designs and materials to accommodate any prescription; including Edward Beiner High Definition Signature Lenses®, as well as lens designs from renowned makers Zeiss and Varilux. 

At Edward Beiner we are dedicated to making your brand experience second to none, which is why our eyewear specialists are among the most knowledgeable and caring in the business.  Each is more than familiar with our wide selection of products and brands, and, in case you find yourself inspired, our specialists will be happy to arrange an eyewear exam at most of our stores.

Design has always played a central role in Edward Beiner’s life.  Born and raised in Brasil, Edward learned to recognize exceptional design and craftsmanship at a young age while working at his parent's jewelry store. He expressed his acute sense for beauty and quality when opening his first Miami eyewear boutique in 1981. As one of the first to recognize prescription glasses as a fashion piece rather a medical necessity, the young entrepreneur became inspired by the idea of merging pure design aesthetics with the exacting requirements of medical prescription products. Today, the Edward Beiner brand stands for timeless beauty, technological innovation; and unequaled customer service.

Guido Balocco


Guido Balocco, a highly respected figure in the international eyewear industry distinguished himself early in his career by publishing articles in Italian business journals advocating the modernization of Italy's accounting system. As an aspiring young executive, he became CEO of Persol, strengthening its financial structure and eventually selling the company to Luxottica.

A chance encounter during fashion week in Milan brought these two men together and in 2001 Mr. Balocco joined the company as Chief Financial Officer and partner. Together, their commitment to creativity and excellence will ensure that Edward Beiner,  Purveyor of Fine Eyewear will remain at the forefront of the eyewear market.


Guido Balocco and Edward Beiner