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Edward Beiner Is Brewin’ With Jonathan Wakefield

The line outside wraps around the block. Quite a mix of people. Mostly skews toward young professional men. But there are quite a few women, too.

The attire is casual but stylish. A lot of jean wear coupled with carefully accented accessories. All-telling details. A thin red lapel defines a young man’s shirt collar…a pair of brushed leather Gommino driving moccasins on another. Another sporting an ultra-cool classic Bulgari sports watch. You get the picture. They range from 35 to 55.

But what’s going?

Edward Beiner is already inside, sitting in the taproom at JBW’s, short for the Jonathan Wakefield Brewery, one of Miami’s hottest craft breweries located in the heart of one of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods: Wynwood.

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The taproom, or tasting room, is decorated in a blend of “industrial chic with a side of geek.” At least that’s how they describe it. Their description continues with, “a place with recycled wine barrels as chandeliers, stainless-steel countertops with wood coupled with custom-made cast iron piping.” All this plus “…a 35-foot long mural of Star Wars by CP1, and a giant Dragon by artist Luis Valle.” Certainly the word ‘original’ comes to mind to describe the environment.

Tonight Jonathan Wakefield is featuring a number of his most classic concoctions, including his Hops 4 Teacher IPA served in a 10oz imperial half-pint. The Hops 4 is described as a deep orange India Pale Ale with refreshingly crisp notes of citrus and tropical fruits and a well-balanced solid malt backbone. Another feature, called Stush, is a pale golden Berliner Weisse known for its cloudy appearance. They say that once it hits your palate, you will immediately notice the crisp zest of lemon as the sides of your tongue pick up the refreshing tartness. Makes launching a “Nouveaux Beaujolais” feel a little like amateur hour. Or perhaps a little dated—at best.

Edward Beiner, a fairly tall man in his own right, stands up as Jonathan Wakefield walks over to his countertops. Wakefield is strapping man. A bigger-than-life sort of character whose towering presence and strength is offset by his visibly gentle, slightly shy personality.

Be that as it may, one thing is clear: in the ever-evolving universe of craft beer, he is among its giants.

As the two men sit down to engage in conversation, there is electricity emanating from the tabletop. Two very different forces of nature who draw inspiration from the same well. Both equipped with the knowledge, passion, and drive to take the best of mankind and evolve it to the next level. The conversation is lighthearted and friendly. There is a natural sincerity and trust between them. They are each relaxed and present, yet conscious of their surroundings. People are watching.

And so they should. Edward Beiner and Jonathan Wakefield, two very different men bound by a unique ability to appreciate the past, imagine the future, and create new and relevant pathways for the present.

Edward Beiner leans toward his host but must raise his voice over the surrounding hubbub: “There’s something very special going on here,” he says, “all these fine young people have something in common. They’re not just thirsting for beer, they’re thirsting for something new. Something different. Something authentic… that defines their time…their generation. And I think they’ve found it here tonight.”

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In fact, there’s something here that’s perfectly aligned with the vision of Edward Beiner who is, by all counts, a modern, enlightened man with wide-ranging interests. Whether they be classic sports cars, fashion, fine whiskeys, or now…craft beer, they are all of a level of quality above the ordinary.

That a number of these same men and women patiently waiting in line to discover Jonathan Wakefield’s latest hop-based libations also visit Edward Beiner showrooms is no surprise.

Sure…not only will you find the finest from Ahlem Bastille, Face a Face, Lindberg, and Edward Beiner by Gold & Wood, but now Edward Beiner will design your next Eyewear from a special camera that will 3D print your pair in real time several thousand miles away!

Makes you wonder what’s next, doesn’t it? But it is all part of the unique Edward Beiner brand experience.

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