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Our Story

Finding the perfect eyewear for my customers…one at a time…is how I built this wonderful business.

But building an eyewear business is beyond the ability of a single person. Without the optometrist who examines your eyes, the craftsman who creates your frames, the technician who grinds your lenses and the eyewear specialist who fits them on your face, Edward Beiner simply wouldn’t be the business it is today.

In the end, while eyewear is what we sell, we are really in the people business.

People committed to people through a shared vision, a refined sense of style, and a powerful and trusting brand experience that brings us together. I simply couldn’t have it any other way.

Meet Edward Beiner

As the son of a well-traveled merchant watchmaker, Edward Beiner was raised on several continents. As an observant young man, Edward adopted both a worldly perspective and an appreciation for fine detail, both of which are expressed today in his exceptional eyewear selections and in the design of his own Edward Beiner collections.

Meet Edward Beiner

Eyes Forward

Edward Beiner spends his time in Italy, Germany, France, New York, Tokyo, and all the great cities of the world looking for the latest frames, materials, and innovations to make sure that you’re always Eyes Forward. Eyes Forward focuses on furthering innovation in the Eyewear industry while retaining the artistry that also characterizes it. Eyeglasses are Edward’s passion. And staying at the cutting edge of style and technology is the commitment he’s made to his customers – and himself.

“we don’t sell frames, we sell stories.”

A great pair of eyewear can be made of wood, acetate, buffalo horn, or titanium, not to mention high tech precision lenses.
But their greatness is also the result of highly dedicated professionals, including the optometrist who examines your eyes, the craftsman who creates your frame, the technician who grinds your lenses, and the eyewear specialist who fits them to your face.

Every person who touches your Edward Beiner eyewear is committed to improving your vision and refining your style.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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