Frequently Asked Questions

Blue light is a light with blue wavelengths that is emitted from computer screens and digital devices. Studies suggest that continued exposure to blue light can cause retinal damage which can lead to vision problems. If you spend a lot of time working on a computer it is highly recommended that you wear glasses that have a blue light blocker incorporated into the lenses.
If your Doctor prescribes both a distance and reading prescription, you might consider discussing with them the benefits of a Progressive lens.
Progressive lenses are the perfect answer if you need both distance and reading correction. Progressive lenses have three prescriptions in one pair of glasses and provide a seamless transition between close-up work (i.e.,reading a book), middle-distance work (i.e, checking out a website on a computer), or distance viewing (driving) without needing to change your glasses. They're sometimes called multifocal lenses.
For those who need a lens where they can simultaneously read and work on their computer, an office lens is the ideal solution. People who would benefit from an office lens work closely for long time periods with computers or in creative fields such as artists, cooks and doctors.
Digital lenses are high definition lenses that are fabricated to an exact prescription using state of the art digital technology and are more precise when compared to traditional lens technology. Edward Beiner has been using Digital Lenses since 2005.
An Anti–Reflective coating is an optical coating that is bonded onto the surface of a lens in effort to reduce reflection being emitted onto and from the surface of the lens. As an example, Anti Reflective coatings cut down the glare from oncoming car lights, or from computer screens.
Known for their ultra-thin and light weight titanium, Japan has grown to be the home of many luxury eyewear brands and lens manufacturers. The difference in Japanese constructed eyewear is simple, it’s all about the attention to detail and quality.
Acetate is a renewable material, made from Cotton oil, as opposed to plastic, which is petroleum based. Acetate frames allow for a much more comfortable fit, feel and elegant look.
Polarized lenses have a unique filter that blocks out intense reflected light. These reflections are generated from many surfaces such as roads, water, snow and other glare producing surfaces. Polarized lenses allow you to live a glare free life while enhancing life’s everyday colors. Polarized lenses are ideal for all water sports, boating and outdoor activities.
Transitions lenses are lenses that darken when exposed to light and can filter out many harmful rays.
The Transition Xtractive and Transitions Driveway are the only transition lenses that activate behind a windshield. Other transition lenses do not operate well when driving as most windshields have a UV blocker that don’t allow for the Transition lens to activate.
It is recommended to schedule a comprehensive eye exam on a yearly basis. A proper eye exam checks the overall health and condition of your eyes and can provide your Eye Doctor with insight into your overall health.
All of our eye doctors are board certified Optometrists who specialize in comprehensive eye examinations and the study of the overall health of the eye.
Due to the variance in prescriptions, some lenses are thicker than others. The stronger your prescription, the thicker and heavier your lenses will be. For those who experience a higher prescription, a high index lens is recommend as this simultaneously cuts down both the weight and thickness of your prescription.
We are happy to put your prescription into a frame that was not purchased from one of our boutiques.
When purchasing a digital lens with an anti-glare coating, we guarantee our lenses from scratches for 1-2 years depending on the type of coating purchased
Each brand has its own unique warranty policy. It is recommended to contact your local Edward Beiner boutique and one of our eyewear specialists will be happy to go over the specific warranty associated with your purchase.
All Edward Beiner boutiques honor a 90 day prescription change policy from the date of the original purchase. Just drop off the frame along with your new prescription and one of our eyewear specialists will contact you once your new order is ready to be picked up.
Our eyewear specialists will be happy to repair your frame in store free of charge. In the case that a part is needed in order to complete the repair, a small fee may apply.
All Edward Beiner Boutiques accept Flexible Spending cards. The majority of Flexible Spending plans allow for an annual purchase of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses.
All online orders are fulfilled within 48 hours and are complementary when using Fedex Ground Shipping Services. Should you need your order sooner, please select expedited shipping at checkout.


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