Edward Beiner Coming Soon To The New Refreshed Cocowalk

Groves lush tree canopyThe developers revamping CocoWalk announced new tenants slated to open as the project nears completion. Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza, eyeglass shop Edward Beiner, music school The School of Rock and The Spot Barbershop have signed to lease space at the mixed-use center, and plan to open in spring 2020, said Stuart Biel, senior VP of regional leasing at Federal Reality Investment Trust.

More retailers and restaurants will be announced at a later date.

“Certainly there are going to be awesome restaurants with unique experiences you can have, but we love that mix of also stuff that just becomes part of people’s routine,” Stuart said. “CocoWalk had gotten away from that, but now that we’re involved, we want to bring it back.”

Federal (NYSE: FRT) co-owns CocoWalk along with Grass River Property and Comras Co. They jointly purchased the property at 3015-3059 Grand Ave. in Miami in 2015 and announced plans to renovate the retail portion of CocoWalk in May 2017. The developers tore down part of its retail portion for an office building.

Michael Comras, president of Comras Co. and board member of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District, said he wants CocoWalk to be a part of people’s daily routine.

Restaurants, cafes, shops and boutiques — like Mister 01 and Edward Beiner — will all be located on the first floor, while personal services that will bring people back regularly, such as The School of Rock and The Spot Barbershop, will be on the second level.

The vision, he said, is that the mix of different services, restaurants, shops and office space will make CocoWalk the “living room” of Coconut Grove. People will be able to come there for work, errands and to socialize and much of this plan hinges on the new office and condo developments in the area.

“Given the mix of tenants … the total number of them, as you bring these things together, you become a destination,” Comras said. “We are hyper focused on bringing in all the locals and catering to their everyday lifestyles, but still bringing in brands that will attract the tourists.”

He said future tenant announcements will cater more to tourists, while the four tenants just announced will target locals.

Mister 01Extraordinary Pizza will occupy 1,100 square feet of indoor and outdoor space at CocoWalk. Edward Beiner will take up 1,450 square feet, The School of Rock is set for 3,200 square feet and The Spot will occupy 1,200 square feet.

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