Edward Beiner In Miami Offers 3d-Printed Eyewear

Eyeglasses have two jobs: help see better and help us look better. One local stylist who Lynn loves to the core, Edward Beiner, is doing both with technology that is no optical illusion. It’s clear to see Edward Beiner eyewear has staying power.

Edward Beiner, stylist: “We have been here for a very long time. Thirty-some-odd years, 38 years to be exact, and it is about service.”

Beiner has glasses that are sure to stand out. So, we headed to his South Miami store to check out an eye-catching new look.

Edward Beiner: “The one thing that we are doing — and I don’t believe anybody else is doing this in the U.S. right now — is 3D-printed eyewear.”

These aren’t just regular 3D glasses. The frames are 3D-printed and can be used with prescription lenses or can be made into sunglasses.

Edward Beiner: “The materials that the glasses are made, regular eyeglasses are made, is called an acetate. 3D printing is a polymite. It’s a powder in this particular case that is layered to create a pair of eyeglasses.”

The specs are designed in a computer program, and a fancy 3D printer creates frames that are lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Edward Beiner: “When it comes out, it comes out as a big blob that’s got to be cleaned up, polished up and finished up.”

From round to more rectangular, or from the look of animal skin to ornate details, 3D frames come in some standard shapes and colors — or you can go crazy!

Edward Beiner: “The one thing that we can do with 3D printing is customize it. So you come over here and you tell me, ‘I have a beautiful shirt, and I want to match the color of that shirt to the eyeglasses that I’m going to wear.’”

There are 3D frames for men, women or even some that are unisex.

Edward Beiner: “My goal was to print eyeglasses or design eyeglasses that people can enjoy and wear. That being said, we also decided to do some pretty wild and crazy styles so that the consumer can understand what can be done with 3D printing that you cannot do with regular eyeglasses.”

The 3D-printed frames start at just under $400.

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