Color: BPX-113A/ 52//




"We were determined to include a browline frame in this collection,” explains Olivier Rousteing. “Back in the nineties and early aughts, this was a big look and it was one that both the Akoni team and I really loved—and continue to love today. The Legion II channels the spirit of those passionate and intelligent non-conformists who are so closely identified with this style. It’s easy to understand why so many avant-garde musicians have adopted this frame, over so many decades—it’s one that reflects their self-assured, individualistic style, and it pairs just as perfectly with jeans and a tee as with a sleek double-breasted. I especially love how we’ve been able to update this classic with our distinctive house codes, making the Legion II something that is very clearly a Balmain."


Eye 52mm Bridge 19mm Temple 145mm

frame material

Acetate / Titanium

lense color






Understanding frame size

Understanding frame measurements is essential for achieving a precise fit tailored to your preferences. Thanks to a standardized system, finding the right size becomes straightforward.

When considering frame measurements, it's important to focus on three key dimensions: lens width, bridge size, and temple length, all measured in millimeters. These measurements ensure a comfortable and proportional fit that complements your unique facial features and style.

49 -

22 -

145 mm


40 - 62 MM

This eye measurement is the horizontal width of a single lens. Typically ranging from 40 to 62mm, with the average size of 49 to 51mm. For sunglasses, consider increasing your average by a minimum of two millimeters to account for the larger frames.


14 - 25 MM

The bridge measurement refers to the gap between the two lenses, with sizes ranging from 14 to 24mm and the typical size falling between 18 and 21mm. For those with a narrower bridge, choosing a frame under 20mm is advisable. Frames equipped with nose pads offer adjustability, ensuring a a better and more comfortable fit.


120 - 150 MM

Temple length refers to the length of the arms that stretch towards the ears to hold the frame in place. Consider specific temple lengths if your ear placement significantly deviates from the average.The range is between 120 to 150mm, with the average adult size being between 145 and 148mm.