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MARINE 2: An exclusive Color Collaboration between Jacques Marie Mage and Edward Beiner

Jacque Marie Mage Edward Beiner Collaboration

A Fresh New Look to Your Eyewear Collection

Edward Beiner and Jerome Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) are proud to have launched the Marine 2, an exciting Color Signature eyewear collaboration. The deep navy-blue acetate is beautifully expressed on the Molino and the Jax frames. These genderless frames are detailed with radiant gold hardware that elevate your everyday look.

Jacque Marie Mage Edward Beiner Eyewear Collaboration

Modern Eyewear Designers Unite

Edward Beiner sought to create a collection that represented the Miami blue skies and blue oceans. What better way to do so, than to add such color onto the JMM hallmark frames!

Jacque Marie Mage Sunglasses

Jacques Marie Mage Molino

You can now find the classic JMM Molino in Marine 2. This frame was named after the Italian Carlo Molino, one of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century.

Jacque Marie Mage Molino Eyewear

Jacques Marie Mage Jax

You can also find the Jax on Marine 2, a frame which was inspired by the abstract art of the 1950’s.

Jacques Marie Mage Jax Eyewear

Luxury Eyewear That’s Stronger Than Ever

The detailing on the Molino and Jax frames is embedded with beta-titanium and finished with 18K gold plated metal, making the classic JMM frames stronger than ever. Get your elegant pair of Jax or Molino in Marine 2, exclusively retailed at Edward Beiner.